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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Hide and seek


The countdown began we all ran onto the field like a stampede of 60 million elephants. It was so noisy like people were bombing us and about 2 seconds later it was like everybody died because there was no noise. Then 2 deadly people came out of a building and started to hunt us down one by one. I'm in my hiding spot, then they see me. I am shaking in fear. I run away. Hamish stays there in the corner as quiet as a mouse and as still as a pole.  Then they find him. Ollie and I are behind a tree trying to cover ourselves in leaves. Ella walks past Ollie and I she walks away we get up and I stood on a branch it crackles crunches and snaps. She looks back and spots me then she takes me to the prison with all the other people who were spotted.

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