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Thursday, 28 September 2017


We have driven for 3 hours in the dark. 
Their lights wiz by creating shadows all over the car. Cars drive past us in the opposite direction. 

My mum is singing to Justin Bieber.”Is it too late now to say sorry” I don't like to say it but Justin Bieber is better.

We turn off the main road and head down a long lonely valley. The river runs by us all the way. In our car lights we catch glimpses of cows grazing in the dark and sometimes a hawk gets a fright as we come around the corner.

We are in the Waitaki Valley and we are on our way to our Bach.

We arrived late one cold weekend in May a few years ago.
As we came around a corner, getting close to the end of our car journey, we came face to face with the biggest cow you have ever seen. He was standing in the middle of the road.
Now you might ask what was a cow doing in the middle of the road?
I asked the same thing.
There was no grass, no water and no other cows.
But he stood there, facing us and wouldn't move, It was like he was thinking why were we in the middle of the road.
We had to go around him and drive to the next town to the Police station. We reported him to the Police…. Imagine reporting a cow to the was not as if he robbed a bank of something but it was a bit embarrassing.

Later in the year we came across another group of animals. It had been a very hot summer. The grass was brown and all around us was dry and crisp. There was a soft warm wind blowing.
As we were coming around the lake we came across a wild pig and five piglets. They were coming down from the hills to get water. Dad pulled right up to them in the truck.
They weren't bothered and just stared back as if we should leave them alone.

A lot of my favourite memories at our Bach involve animals. I guess there isn't many people in the Waitaki valley but there is a lot of animals.

That same summer we were out in the reserve behind our Bach and we found a dog.
He seemed to be lost and every time we went home. he followed. .Dad said he could stay until we could find his owner. We thought he could sleep on the couch but after we cleaned our teeth we found he has sneaked into bed with Mum.
In the night he got covered in blankets and when we found him he wasn't moving. We thought we had killed him. Imagine looking after a dog to keep him safe and ending up killing him in the blankets.
Luckily he was just asleep. We found his owner the next day but the dog didn't want to go home. I think he fancied staying with us.

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