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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Science blog

 Science blog     
What I've done:  this term I have made  rocket balloons and catapults.

What I found out: I found out how to make a catapult and if you attach a balloon to a piece of string pointing up the balloon will fly up the string.

What I wonder: I wonder what other cool science ideas we are going to do this term and if I will like them of not.
Week 5 28/5/17
What I've done: I got to choose between two activities this week. They were rocket balloons and catapults I chose to do rocket balloons because I wanted to know more about push and pull I worked with ollie.

I worked out how the balloon blows up the string.

I wonder if there was no string if it would go more far and if it would still go strght.

Week 6.         8/6/17
What I've done: I got to choose between three activities this week.they were basketball bounce ping pong ramps and chair pulleys I chose to do basketball bounce because  I wanted to learn more about gravity I worked with Hamish Jackson hailee and ruby.
What I found out: I found out that gravity pulls the ball back down to the ground because of gravity and if there was no gravity it would float away.

What I wonder: I wonder if there was no gravity how high will the ball bounce.

Week 6 13 th of June 

What I've done: today I've done catapults and how far they go. we also measured how far they went and if we put rubber bands on the cotton balls and they went a bit further the furthest one we put 8 rubber bands on and it went 6m 91cm.

What I found out: I found out that if you put more rubber bands on them they would go further. So basically if you put more weight on it it will go further.

I wonder if you put 100 rubber bands on how far will it go.

Week 7 14/6/17
What I've done: today I got to choose between two activities they were a mini golf course and a pulley system I chose mini golf course because I wanted to make a mini golf course it took us a lot of tries to make a successful mini golf course 

What I learnt: I found out that if you make a path steep when the ping pong ball gets to the bottom it will bounce I know this because we tried it out a couple of times.

What I wonder: I wonder how high  could a ping pong ball bounce.

Week 8      22 of June

What is force: force is when something like a ball is still because the force is squishing it together. Force is also when a ball is rolling down something and the force is pushing it down. Another way of force is when Gravity is pushing us down if there was no gravity and no force we would be floating around the place.

Today I was testing how far my catapult could fire three cotton balls with rubber bands on it we went up to Putting 1 to 10 rubber bands.

What did I change: I changed the amount of cotton balls we used.  It was a big difference because we thought the three rubber bands would make it go further than one cotton ball be it was the opposite because three cotton balls had more weight on it than I cotton ball so the one cotton ball went further.

What I needed to make my catapult:
Popsicle sticks
Rubber bands
Cotton ball

Science week 9/10 
Today at science we got to start our plans for our model playground these are the steps to make our playground 
Seesaw steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue bottom layer of popsicle sticks together. 
3 glue the skewer in the middle of the popsicle sticks.
4. Get something that's a triangular shape to make it rock up and down.
5. Stick it on the base.

Flying fox steps: 1 get supplies
2 make a stand from pop sticks and stick the string to it.
3 make a climbing wall to get up to the flying fox.
4 put the seat on the string and make a stand for the other end.
5 stick it to the base.

Mouse wheel steps:1 get supplies 
2 glue  popsicle to the inside of can.
 3 slide toilet roll into can. 
4 cut some card to shape then glue to stop toilet roll coming out. 
5 glue to base   

Pound/pool steps:1 get supplies 
2. Hot glue plastic together.
 3 paint the plastic blue. 
4 stick to base 
5 put pebbles around the side. 

Slide steps:1 get supplies
2 fold the paper into the shape of a slide
3 glue popsicle stick to same size as paper.
4 glue the popsicle sticks on as the side 
5 glue to base and tower

Basketball hoop steps:1 get supplies
2 stick pop sticks and cardboard together to make the pole and backboard.
3 stick the wire to the backboard to make the rim.
4 stick the net to the wire.

Swing steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue sticks into v shape with a little bit of space to put a skewer in and do it twice.
3 glue a skewer to connect them together. 
4 glue two pieces of string a cap and do it again. 
5 glue string to skewer and glue to base.

Bench in steps:1 get supplies
2 make a L shape with the pop sticks.
3 make the stools and stick them on.

What is working well: that we are on track with our project and the things we're doing because we are focused and on track

The struggle we had was that at one point no one was doing anything and it was had to concentrate.

The improvements we need to make are working as a team so we get more work done.

Our next step is to make all of the playground equipment and stick it onto the base.

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