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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Proud Writing

My first game.At my first game of winter sport my team and another couple of teams where traveling to the back of the sparkling bright green filed.We walked slowly on to the long blue bus when I sat down the long blue bus started to move finely my team jumped happily of the bus.I asked my coach Nick what out team name was Nick replyed saying that out team is called the dynamite about 5 minits later the game started I was in striker with Riley the other team started they booted the ball straight away it almost went straight in the big white goal but Ollie saved it he was throw it to me and I dribbled it up to the goal and passed it to Nico and heeeee scored we all ran back to half way.We all where talking and the game had continued and the other team got a head start I went in for the takel and I got the ball off of the other striker I got the ball and I scored.The full time bell went and the game was over.

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