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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bear gryills

Bear grylls 
In term one for camp we went to Hanmer Springs. At Hanmer springs my activity group had a go at the bear Grylls challenge. we had to build a hut out of wood/sticks we challenged the girls who can build a better hut. 
It took us about half an hour to finish. After we both finished we had to see who's was waterproof and who's was not when we tested it out we had to get a drink bottle and pour it on the huts the boy's hut was not waterproof but it was warm and windproof the girls hut was waterproof but it wasn't warm and windproof it was a tie and after all I had a great time at the bear Grylls.  

Something I learnt about myself...I learnt that before we did bear Grylls I didn't know how to make a hut out of wood/sticks. and I also learnt how to make a fire in a new way.

At the bear Grylls challenge I was scared because the teacher was saying that a storm was coming and I thought that he was telling the truth because it was really windy and cold and I have anxiety and I am scared of bad weather and a lot of wind.

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