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Thursday, 14 April 2016

1-02-16 DT

Discovery time sketching 
Today at discovery time I was drawing/sketching with Vanessa.I was sketching death,a puppy,and a ninja,3D house.
I used a growth mindset today because I was drawing a 3D house and I kept on falling but I kept  trying and after a little while I finally got it.
When I was drawing the ninja it was hard for me because I kept drawing the legs the wrong way round the legs were the hardest part of the ninja.Now on to the puppy the puppy was hard because I didn't understand the the face so I hate to keep on rubbing it out but I got it.Death was the easyist because it was all far apart and the puppy was all close together my favourite one was the ninja and death my 3 favourite was the 3D house and my last favourite was the puppy.Today it turned out to be the greatest discovery time yet but in the middle of the session Vanessa quit the drawing station

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