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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Hide and seek


The countdown began we all ran onto the field like a stampede of 60 million elephants. It was so noisy like people were bombing us and about 2 seconds later it was like everybody died because there was no noise. Then 2 deadly people came out of a building and started to hunt us down one by one. I'm in my hiding spot, then they see me. I am shaking in fear. I run away. Hamish stays there in the corner as quiet as a mouse and as still as a pole.  Then they find him. Ollie and I are behind a tree trying to cover ourselves in leaves. Ella walks past Ollie and I she walks away we get up and I stood on a branch it crackles crunches and snaps. She looks back and spots me then she takes me to the prison with all the other people who were spotted.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Art reflection

Sculpture reflection 
This term we have been looking at sculptures and we even did some research about a chosen sculpture.
This term we made a piggy bank run

I think it all went well and we had no downs
I would try to work with someone different and not get distracted. to be honest I don't think we had a inspiration. I think that the project went well because I looked just like we wanted and we think it worked out well


We have driven for 3 hours in the dark. 
Their lights wiz by creating shadows all over the car. Cars drive past us in the opposite direction. 

My mum is singing to Justin Bieber.”Is it too late now to say sorry” I don't like to say it but Justin Bieber is better.

We turn off the main road and head down a long lonely valley. The river runs by us all the way. In our car lights we catch glimpses of cows grazing in the dark and sometimes a hawk gets a fright as we come around the corner.

We are in the Waitaki Valley and we are on our way to our Bach.

We arrived late one cold weekend in May a few years ago.
As we came around a corner, getting close to the end of our car journey, we came face to face with the biggest cow you have ever seen. He was standing in the middle of the road.
Now you might ask what was a cow doing in the middle of the road?
I asked the same thing.
There was no grass, no water and no other cows.
But he stood there, facing us and wouldn't move, It was like he was thinking why were we in the middle of the road.
We had to go around him and drive to the next town to the Police station. We reported him to the Police…. Imagine reporting a cow to the was not as if he robbed a bank of something but it was a bit embarrassing.

Later in the year we came across another group of animals. It had been a very hot summer. The grass was brown and all around us was dry and crisp. There was a soft warm wind blowing.
As we were coming around the lake we came across a wild pig and five piglets. They were coming down from the hills to get water. Dad pulled right up to them in the truck.
They weren't bothered and just stared back as if we should leave them alone.

A lot of my favourite memories at our Bach involve animals. I guess there isn't many people in the Waitaki valley but there is a lot of animals.

That same summer we were out in the reserve behind our Bach and we found a dog.
He seemed to be lost and every time we went home. he followed. .Dad said he could stay until we could find his owner. We thought he could sleep on the couch but after we cleaned our teeth we found he has sneaked into bed with Mum.
In the night he got covered in blankets and when we found him he wasn't moving. We thought we had killed him. Imagine looking after a dog to keep him safe and ending up killing him in the blankets.
Luckily he was just asleep. We found his owner the next day but the dog didn't want to go home. I think he fancied staying with us.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Science blog

 Science blog     
What I've done:  this term I have made  rocket balloons and catapults.

What I found out: I found out how to make a catapult and if you attach a balloon to a piece of string pointing up the balloon will fly up the string.

What I wonder: I wonder what other cool science ideas we are going to do this term and if I will like them of not.
Week 5 28/5/17
What I've done: I got to choose between two activities this week. They were rocket balloons and catapults I chose to do rocket balloons because I wanted to know more about push and pull I worked with ollie.

I worked out how the balloon blows up the string.

I wonder if there was no string if it would go more far and if it would still go strght.

Week 6.         8/6/17
What I've done: I got to choose between three activities this week.they were basketball bounce ping pong ramps and chair pulleys I chose to do basketball bounce because  I wanted to learn more about gravity I worked with Hamish Jackson hailee and ruby.
What I found out: I found out that gravity pulls the ball back down to the ground because of gravity and if there was no gravity it would float away.

What I wonder: I wonder if there was no gravity how high will the ball bounce.

Week 6 13 th of June 

What I've done: today I've done catapults and how far they go. we also measured how far they went and if we put rubber bands on the cotton balls and they went a bit further the furthest one we put 8 rubber bands on and it went 6m 91cm.

What I found out: I found out that if you put more rubber bands on them they would go further. So basically if you put more weight on it it will go further.

I wonder if you put 100 rubber bands on how far will it go.

Week 7 14/6/17
What I've done: today I got to choose between two activities they were a mini golf course and a pulley system I chose mini golf course because I wanted to make a mini golf course it took us a lot of tries to make a successful mini golf course 

What I learnt: I found out that if you make a path steep when the ping pong ball gets to the bottom it will bounce I know this because we tried it out a couple of times.

What I wonder: I wonder how high  could a ping pong ball bounce.

Week 8      22 of June

What is force: force is when something like a ball is still because the force is squishing it together. Force is also when a ball is rolling down something and the force is pushing it down. Another way of force is when Gravity is pushing us down if there was no gravity and no force we would be floating around the place.

Today I was testing how far my catapult could fire three cotton balls with rubber bands on it we went up to Putting 1 to 10 rubber bands.

What did I change: I changed the amount of cotton balls we used.  It was a big difference because we thought the three rubber bands would make it go further than one cotton ball be it was the opposite because three cotton balls had more weight on it than I cotton ball so the one cotton ball went further.

What I needed to make my catapult:
Popsicle sticks
Rubber bands
Cotton ball

Science week 9/10 
Today at science we got to start our plans for our model playground these are the steps to make our playground 
Seesaw steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue bottom layer of popsicle sticks together. 
3 glue the skewer in the middle of the popsicle sticks.
4. Get something that's a triangular shape to make it rock up and down.
5. Stick it on the base.

Flying fox steps: 1 get supplies
2 make a stand from pop sticks and stick the string to it.
3 make a climbing wall to get up to the flying fox.
4 put the seat on the string and make a stand for the other end.
5 stick it to the base.

Mouse wheel steps:1 get supplies 
2 glue  popsicle to the inside of can.
 3 slide toilet roll into can. 
4 cut some card to shape then glue to stop toilet roll coming out. 
5 glue to base   

Pound/pool steps:1 get supplies 
2. Hot glue plastic together.
 3 paint the plastic blue. 
4 stick to base 
5 put pebbles around the side. 

Slide steps:1 get supplies
2 fold the paper into the shape of a slide
3 glue popsicle stick to same size as paper.
4 glue the popsicle sticks on as the side 
5 glue to base and tower

Basketball hoop steps:1 get supplies
2 stick pop sticks and cardboard together to make the pole and backboard.
3 stick the wire to the backboard to make the rim.
4 stick the net to the wire.

Swing steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue sticks into v shape with a little bit of space to put a skewer in and do it twice.
3 glue a skewer to connect them together. 
4 glue two pieces of string a cap and do it again. 
5 glue string to skewer and glue to base.

Bench in steps:1 get supplies
2 make a L shape with the pop sticks.
3 make the stools and stick them on.

What is working well: that we are on track with our project and the things we're doing because we are focused and on track

The struggle we had was that at one point no one was doing anything and it was had to concentrate.

The improvements we need to make are working as a team so we get more work done.

Our next step is to make all of the playground equipment and stick it onto the base.

Monday, 19 June 2017

High ropes

High ropes
High in the air on the freezing cold wires scared to go one step higher.
Tempted to scratch my head. I keep on walking along the wire getting more frightened every time I take a step. I look down it looks like I am on the top of mount everest.  

I ask to come down they slowly take me down about halfway down they stop me.
Then they start to play tennis with me pushing me back and forth they take me down a little more and then they start to spin me around the place. They finally let me down and I thought that I was really proud of myself for getting high up in the air even though I don't really like going up high

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


My tall long body proud to be worn by Abraham Lincoln. Pitch black and worn every day I am as tall as a tree. I can see a lot from the top I've got stripes as white as the moon and one day I wake up in the dark stinky drains and I think I have been forgotten. I think I am not loved any more I wonder if my owner did it on purpose and loves someone else. Now I am battered and bruised and left in the drains and my life has ended.

Monday, 27 March 2017


I am the long dry grass in your garden.
I am the big bright sun in the air.
I am the big and yummy banana in the fruit bowl. 
I am the yellow bee buzzing in your garden
I am the warm fire in your house 
I am the fancy yellow Lamborghini driving beside you.
I am yellow.